Thursday, October 6, 2011

And work trumps all...

Well, it's the same story. I feel like I should just have an * that comes up that means see this footer/disclaimer:
*Work has taken over. Clients are hilariously out of control. Steph is busy, dizzy and in need of extra loving care.

I feel like I've begun to surface though. I'm trying very hard to not have to work this weekend. I am planning a small vacation at the end of October. I am counting down the days. It seems really far away!

Sadly, I haven't drawn in weeks. I just haven't been able to fit it into the work-sleep-work-occasional run cycle. But soon. I have a few very fun projects lined up that I can't wait to start.

So, this is the update, just for the sake of me updating a blog to feel normal.  :)