Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Name is Decided....

SAS Creative.

It's simple- my initials. I think it will make a very cool/sophisticated logo.

Everything super cool was already taken on the web. And at least I can explain this name- it's just my initials. It's easy to say also. And it doesn't force me to be one certain thing (i.e. illustrator, graphic design, etc). I really like having "creative" in there.

There is a site called sascreative that is out of Canada. They mainly do web it looks like. So my domain name is sas-creative. Who knows when i'll actually have the site up and running. I don't even have a logo yet.

Just wanted to give everyone the update on the name. I do feel more official now and not just like this girl who's freelancing.

Friday, September 21, 2007

One full week down...

It has been exhausting. But good.
No major catastrophies.

Challenge #1- internet wasn't working one day. Had to climb a 5 story ladder to get to the router in the rafters only to find there was no reset button. So I unplugged it and replugged it, thanks to hubby's advice, and that worked. BUT- will we always have nose-bleed high ladders in this place? That's what I have to find out.

Challenge #2- the all-in-one printer-scanner-copier that wasn't. Needed to scan, but couldn't figure out how... No photoshop link. Again, thanks to Greg's advice on what do download, I installed software and now the HP that was printing but not SCANNING is now doing it all AND washing the windows!

Challenge #3- sun in the eyes. How many times must I say, what would I do without Greg? He came in and installed extra curtains what we have, which are too short for the big-ass window, but do block that 8:00 - 10:45 sun-in-my-eye. Goofy looking, but work for now.

Challenge #4- more of a lesson really. Ran out of phone battery today at 3:30. Emergencies with Givaudan are hard to handle when they can't call you on the phone...(but you also get more done when they are forced to compose an email). So I just have to rememeber to always have my charger with me. I didn't even have time to go home and get it!

So that's this week. I haven't billed anything, but i do have one, maybe two projects I can start billing. That will be fun. More hours.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

First day in the studio...

It has gone well. I can't believe how busy I am. It's not exactly sinking in.

The day went a little something like this:
7:00 at the studio to work on LC files.
7:01 realized I don't have the LC files. crap.
9:00 meeting at Givaudan... for 3 long exhausting hours.
1:00 scarf down Taco Bell.
1:05 work on LC files for real.
2:00 beg for Kellie to reschedule 4:00 meeting.
2:30 praise Kellie, curse LC.
5:06 get comment from landlord that it's my first day and wow I'm still here. grrr.

Thought for the day- if I continue to work alone, will I slowly become a cat-loving, talking-to-myself-or-any-annoying-person-off-the-street, bad-music-playing kook?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I'm in my studio!

Today is a "Second Saturday" at the studio, and it's the first one I'm participating in. I just got my computer hooked up, found the wireless internet, and am now trying to find some good music to have on tonight.

I have a lot more to do, but I'm so excited I'm in and the internet works!