Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Craptastic Buffet

I just ate at the worst Chinese buffet ever. I would say the quality parallelled that of mall Chinese food and was just below the quality of frozen mystery-meat egg rolls.

So far the only Loveland hot spots for lunch are the Veg Head, the Works and El Picante. But the Works is a little much for the pocket book for lunch. I still need to try Angelo's pizza- not sure if it's take out only. Other than those, I'm not sure what else exists. It's nice to get away out of the studio once in a while.

On a side note, they finally turned the heat on in the building! Yay! It's actually down right toasty in my studio. I do have to keep the door closed now to keep the heat in.

Sorry, no pictures of the craptastic meal.

Monday, October 29, 2007

George - first sketch

Here's a first sketch of capturing George. I think he'll be on dark orange and red pillows.
I have been trying to do the 3/4 portrait but can't get the proportions right yet. I think the 3/4 would show off his little protruding tongue the best.

Foreclosure Cats

I have my first real art project. Pixel Paul (owner of Remy- cat in window from earlier posts) forwarded an email about an art show that is going to be in our studio's gallery in January. It's for Foreclosure Cats. Back in early 2007, some guy foreclosed on his house and walked away without telling anyone there were about 60 cats trapped inside without food and water. They were found, some alive some not, and most with major health problems. Those that are recovered are up for adoption. A woman who is an artist in Loveland organized the art side of it- getting artists to do portraits of the cats. The art will be auctioned off and the money goes to the rescue groups, vet releif, etc. Prints of each cat will go to the person who adopts the cat. Pretty neat!

So I've signed up to do George. He's not adopted yet, but probably will be since he seems to have less major health issues. When he was found though, his gums were so diseased, all of his teeth had to be pulled.

I think I'll just do a regular portrait of him, showing his little tongue that hangs out a bit. But I'd also like to do something more illustrative, if I find the time. I will update my progress as it becomes visual!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Time

Today it is raining, and it is supposed to continue the rest of the week. Bleh.
I didn't buy a pumpkin (nor many pumkinS) this year. However, I did buy a Pumpkin Spice Coffee at Starbucks and found....floating in my coffee.....

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Workin' on Sunday

Not my idea of a good time, but I came in today for a couple of hours to get some stuff out of the way for Monday, and this is my break-time. I like to think of it as compared to Summer School... took all those classes so I could have an easier year and room for art AND music.

Nothing to say, but thought I'd post pictures of the Studio Cat, Remy. Not MY studio cat of course (I'm as allergic to cats as the Pope is Catholic). It's Pixel P's cat (aka Paul) who is 2 doors down and a very nice graphic designer. I let him crawl around my studio- the cat, not Paul.

Friday, October 5, 2007

New Loveland Lunch Spot

Here's my desk in the a.m.

Today I went down to Veg Head, a restaurant with absolutely the minimum amount of awareness signage a business could have. I stumbled upon it when I was walking back from the yummy Mexican restaurant the other day.

It was hippie day at Veg Head. It might be Hippie Day EVERY day at Veg Head. There was a group of three female hippies (I didn't think to check if they had burned their bras or not, but my guess is hell yes) who were going on and on about how the food was so good. Good sign for me, who had just ordered the bean and curry wrap. I sat down to read Vegetarian Times (or something like that) while I waited for my food. I couldn't help but overhear the conversation. ---Please read in your best hippie voice---
"In this (oh-so-awful) country we are supposed to have ONE god and ONE boss and ONE person we're supposed to just let RULE US, but we're given hundreds of cereals to choose from at the grocery store. Simply madness!" according to FH#1 (female hippie number 1). But then a male hippie who had walked in commentated how the only madness was having one god. Then the FH#1 shouted out the cashier's horoscope after he told them what his birthday was. In case anyone cares, Mr. Veg Head cashier is supposed to go backpacking across Europe to really discover his true self because he's in a time where he's letting people dominate him.


Here's my lunch. It was DEEEEElightful! The burrito was chock full of yummy flavors. I don't even know what all of them were. Some bites did taste like Old House though, which was weird.

And it came with a side of cabbage, that I tried to take a picture of:

Small hands... smell like cabbage...

Monday, October 1, 2007

It's Fall

It's fall because the leaves are falling off the trees. They aren't turning colors first, just falling off and becoming crunchy ground covering.

Last week I was a bit under the weather and had to take my computer to my house to work on my files while intermittently taking naps. This "working from home" experience has confirmed that the studio is the place to be! It's really hard to get up, take a shower, get dressed and then go sit in your dining room all day. To compound the feeling, Greg was traveling the last part of the week. So it was me and the dogs. Dexter and Harley DEFINITELY loved having me there. I even think that Dexter and I bonded. I never had the urge to throw him across the room... I do think he benefited from the extra attention. Today's my first day back IN the studio, so when I get home tonight, hard telling what I'll face.

I've noticed my blog is greatly lacking in pictures. Especially when compared to the only other two blogs I visit (you KNOW who you are!!!) I need to work on that.