Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eye Run 5K Race Report

The Eye Run 5K (and this year a 10K also) is held at Luxottica, so it's a fun and convenient race to do since it's only a few miles from my house. It is also very fun to see people I used to work with as well as currently work with.

It started out to be a wet and soggy morning. But it was warm, and soon after the race started, it stopped raining. There were a lot of puddles to navigate, some the size of cars thanks to construction that is being done on Western Row.

My only goal was to run sub 30 minutes. This is embarrassing to admit, but I thought maybe I could keep a 9:30 pace. My first mile was 9:30 on the nose. Second mile was a little slower. But then there was a slight downhill where I think I made some time back. Then before turning back into the Lux parking lot, there is a slight uphill - enough to make my breathing crazy. I struggled here. Then I had a wee bit of a kick near the end (and I mean wee) and I made it in 29:45. So that is a 9:36 pace. Yay!

I suppose I'm happy that I did what I wanted to do. Now I'll have to see about shaving the next one to under 28 minutes.


Butch said...

Yeeeeeaaaaaaa! Hot tub time!

E-Speed said...

Good Job!