Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Heart Mini Approaches!

Well, not 4 anymore...but it was when I drew this.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finally a Wednesday Run!

Tuesday I spinned. We had a sub. She cut class short by about 15 minutes. It was weird.

Tuesday night I skipped yoga. Jannelle has a kink in her neck so couldn't go, and I didn't mind a break from it.

This morning it was in the 60s and down right balmy. I put on shorts and a t-shirt and headed outside to do a quick 3. My legs got the best of me, however. I couldn't seem to just run at a normal pace. At 1.5 miles I turned around and decided to turn the run into a fartlek, wondering if going faster would help the pain. I did those intervals the whole way back. I do think it kind of helped the pain. I was certainly able to run without the tightness. I did a short cool down jog when I was back, and the pain seemed to start to creep back into my legs....

So here's a theory: My shoes just don't work for my stride at slower paces, in general. Now this doesn't explain runs where nothing hurts. The consistency isn't there. But I'm just going to start blaming the shoes. I don't know, I really don't. It's so frustrating.

The most important thing was I got a run in on Wednesday! I need to run more often than once a week and a long run, so this was good even if it was an awful run.

Maybe I'll go shoe shopping this weekend.

Monday, February 27, 2012

8 More and Not So Sore

Friday I managed a pretty decent run on the treadmill at lunch. It was a 1-mile warm-up and then I did intervals at certain speeds, with rest in between. It was my "let's practice running faster" time.

Saturday was karting for B-train's birthday...and my upper body is sore. And we only did one session!

Sunday, Casey and I ran 8. We did the same route as last weekend's 8...only this time we shaved a few seconds off the overall pace. I think I felt better this time too. And, most importantly, I'm not sore like I was last week. That is great news–means my muscles are actually adapting!

It's a gorgeous day out today. But I won't say I'll run tonight after work because I've already declared that to not work. Tomorrow is spinning and yoga. I do really want to run more during the weeks though. I'm not going to get anywhere running one day and one long run, even if I am spinning twice a week. I need to fit more running in, that is certain.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


This is it. I'm done trying to "go for a run after work" by myself. There is just nothing that will make it happen. The weather, chasing a car full of money, the promise of world peace...nothing. I've tried this enough, with all the best intentions, and it's just not meant to be.

So I'm declaring it now:
Stephanie shall henceforth no longer attempt to run after work, with the exceptions of being provoked by a friend or for track night. 

Now that that is done and over with, I can get back to my regularly scheduled program.

I lifted last night instead of running. But, it was a really good lifting session. I bumped it up. I didn't use the baby weights and did less reps if I had to using the big girl weights. I did a couple of different things I've seen people doing at the gym with the trainers too. It felt great. Plus, I felt some new back muscles pop up from yoga (I'm pretty sure they pop up overnight, right?). So I think I'm making some progress in the strength realm.

Today was spinning. I rearranged my Get a New Tooth appointment (crown) from the morning to 2:00 this afternoon. Unfortunately Erin's child poo'd so she had to leave. I guess the child care people aren't licensed to change a poopy diaper. The class was really hard, as all of Melanie's classes are. There were some kick-butt hills in the middle that had me pretty maxed out. It was all good, and I'm kind of glad my legs were fresh since I didn't run yesterday. My spins have been suffering because I'm sore from running. However, looking at the schedule, I haven't ran since Sunday and that's bad. I'm still building up everywhere though. And I don't want to give up a spin day. Maybe next week will be better.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The New Guy in Spin Class

While standing outside of the spin room, Erin (spin buddy and nurse by trade) and I were chatted up by a guy who was taking spinning for the second time ever. He quickly laid it all out: "I've only taken one class, I thought I was going to die, do you have any pointers for me?"

We both thought a bit. My advice was to pace himself better this time. There is no shame in sitting down, or not adding road, or whatever. You're getting a workout in no matter what and it takes a while to learn how hard you can push in spinning. And you want to like it and come back, not be tortured. He agreed his ego got the best of him last time.

Erin's advice was that if anything hurt, you should be aware and stop or adjust. But if it was just hard, you should push through, and that you need to learn the difference. Good advice, but, I think she was eating her words later.

We got set up on our bikes: me against the wall, then Erin then New Guy right in front. Linda the instructor had a cold, so she was kind of foggy and didn't push us much, which was fine by me since it still hurt to walk from Sunday's 8 miles. :)  That being said, spinning is still hard, and especially difficult when you have never done it. You have to learn how much to turn the dial, how much your body can do...

Chatty New Guy is still learning.

After maybe the second song, I heard weird noises. I looked at Erin because I thought she was talking to me. Maybe it was something weird in the speakers or the music. A few more songs and I heard the same thing. At the end of a song after a bunch of pickups while in position 3, I realized the noises I was hearing were from New Guy. I looked over at him; his mouth was wide open and he was gasping and groaning. And I could hear him over the loud music.

Maybe that's why Linda reminded us about 5 times that it was "our ride" and we should push as much as we needed to.

I had a meeting to go to after class, so I was hoping to avoid the chattiness and recount of the class that was probable to come from New Guy. I was in a hurry to get out. Erin was also hasty with her stretching. I figured it was because she knew I was hustling out of there. But it turns out, she was worried he might pass out from the effort.

When we were out of the room, Erin started telling me what was going through her head during class, and it cracked me up. Being closer to New Guy, she had a more in-your-face experience. Her nurse instincts completely took over. She had it all planned out for when he conked out on his bike...she'd tell Linda to call 911, she'd tell me to go to the wall to get the defib machine, then someone else would have to get the lights...then oh no - what if he had spin shoes on! It'd be more difficult to get him off the bike....etc etc. It was really surprising and funny to hear how she had an action plan all worked out in her head. None of that went through my mind. She's such a nurse ;)

I hope New Guy comes back. When I was waiting in line for a smoothie near the exit, I heard him chatting with another guy about tanning packages. He must be really trying to get the entire Urban Active experience! Ha!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Fun

Well, we lost our broomball championship game... awwww. But, it was a really fun game! The team we played was awesome. I'd say we were pretty evenly matched. They were friendly, but competitive, just like us. It was a great game to end on, and we did really well this season!

Sunday I ran 8 miles and it went really well! Instead of huffing at a pace slightly too fast for me, we ran at a pushed pace where I still had to take breaks here a couple of times, but I was still able to talk for a lot of it. It got so cold while we were out there! It was late in the afternoon and the sun was fading and wind picked up. I've never been cold on a run before...there's always the acknowledgement of the cold of course. But it was an odd sensation this time that I was running and cold all at the same time. :)

Today I am sore! I was sore from broomball - sides, shoulders, a bruised knee. And now I am sore from the run. My feet hurt, which is kind of different. I might need new shoes soon.

This coming weekend I think we're planning to do 8 again, then we'll do 10. And then the following week will be 6 at a quick pace. And's race weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sore Achilles

Well, today my left achilles tendon is sore. So I'm skipping the run and just going to do weight training today. It makes sense, since I did a lot yesterday. I don't want to push anything into pain-mode before running 8 this weekend.

Plus... there is the broomball game. Eeeeeee!  I wish people would come watch us. I do better when people are watching - get more energy. Plus I think we need people to cheer!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Spinning Instructor is Pregnant!

Oh nooooo!!!

Thursday's instructor, whose class people were literally fighting about getting into at the front desk this morning, is preggers. She was really winded today and said she'd explain that later. So while we were cooling down she announced she is expecting her fourth child. FOURTH. Amazing and inspiring because this lady is fit as anything. But I'm also a bit selfishly sad because I am going to miss her while she's out. She is by far my favorite instructor. Maybe she'll still teach even while pregnant. I know you can still ride a bike for a while, having to adjust your lean for the belly. And, probably like running, you just have to watch your heart rate, which she trains by so I'm sure that would be no problem. Then maybe she'll just walk around and instruct from the floor if she is uncomfortable on the bike? I don't know. I would much rather that than not have her! Then she'll be on maternity leave....  Listen to me. It's ok. I'm sure the sub will be awesome.

So today was 1 mile run before class, 45 minute class, 2 miles after. I felt great! I basically just did a brick workout :) And that got me thinking about doing duathlons this year again... oh the possibilities.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Broomball Update

So apparently, we've made it to the championship game!

It's kind of weird. There are games Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. And then there are games Saturday mornings - the day we are in. It looks like the Mon - Tues - Wed group is having playoffs this week. Whomever wins that...plays us Saturday morning. We just automatically get in. Kind of weird, but whatever - it's just fountain square broomball fun!

Last game I scored our only goal. Yea, go me! I'm hoping my allergies calm down by Saturday so I can give 100% broomball-i-ness! Day 2 of Allegra...nothing has changed yet.

Today I spinned. I thought maybe there would be Valentine's Day rock ballads, but thankfully there wasn't. It was a good class- a lot of hills. My hammies are killing me. I didn't run before class because they hurt so bad. I stretched and did some rolling on the foam roller. Tomorrow I'll run regardless though. Tonight is yoga - woohoo!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Ride Inside

Monday - rest and a night out with a couple of friends. I had intended to go home and lift.

Tuesday - spinning! Erin wasn't in the class. I really missed her!  Also the spin bikes have been moved into an arch, which I think is awesome. It felt more fun and now if you aren't in the front row you don't immediately have someone right "in your way". Or, if you're in the front row, you don't worry about your butt being right in someone's face ;)  I skipped yoga that night because my friend who I go to the class with was sick. No biggie.

Wednesday - I was going to run. I didn't at lunch. Then I didn't after work. Urban is in a very small lot, and they have "complimentary" valet at the 5:00 rush hour...but I just didn't feel like dealing with it! Isn't that horrible? Excuses excuses. I decided I'd rather run in the cold. But when I got home, I saw my bike and decided I'd rather ride! So I set my bike up on the trainer. It's been such a long time. I rode for 45 minutes while I watched a Glee episode. Picked it up during the huluplus commercials.

Thursday - I just couldn't get myself in the right place at the right time. All morning I was at the dentist getting a new front tooth. The temporary crown is on and horribly forward and sharp! The afternoon was a whirlwind. I should have lifted at least, but I was mopey.

Friday - I ran this morning about 3.3 miles. It was slow and I was tired. In the middle, I picked it up twice for .25 miles. That felt good.

Tomorrow is broomball and Sunday night is a broomball makeup game. I'm not sure what or where I'll be doing a long distance this weekend.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Breathe Right strips are amazing

Sunday, pre-Superbowl, we ran 6 miles again. This time, in hopes of being able to take some air in through my constantly stuffy nose, I wore a Breathe Right strip. Wow. Amazing. It was a strange sensation, but my nose was clear! I could breathe through it...and my voice changed. I didn't sound as – you guessed it: nasal.

During the run, I tried to consciously breathe in through my nose. And I did for a while. But the pace was a bit quick for me that day. We stopped at 3 miles to drop off our 4-legged running partner. I knew it would be hard for me to keep going at that pace. At almost 4, I had to slow down. Greg and Casey agreed to. Once my breathing was back in control, the rest of the run was a lot more enjoyable. By the end, I was giving it all I had, which unfortunately was still pretty slow.

Today I'm a bit sore, so that's good. I feel good about the progress so far!

Monday, January 30, 2012


This past week has been a good one for activity. Thursday I did a spinning class...another hard one. Melanie is so good! Friday I ran 3 miles. I took my phone with me to figure out what pace I was going, but the app fizzled out both coming and going. Saturday we played broomball (our first Sunday I ran 6 miles with Greg and Casey. Heart Mini training is officially underway.

Today it's supposed to be near 50...and tomorrow near 60! I have a bit itch to get on my road bike. I have been trying to figure out how to do a bike race in the spring. It is so challenging to figure this out. All I can think of is to go to a bike shop and ask someone. It may be too late to join any teams, and it seems like you have to be with a team to race. I am pretty frustrated with the unsuccessful research I've had. I just want some dates, and to know how it works and what I have to do to prepare. I think it would be fun to try. But maybe you have to be really really good and it's not for just anyone.

I think I'll stop by Swallow Bike Works, the new shop in Loveland that replaced Cycle Sport, and see if someone there can tell me anything to guide me in the right direction.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

They Gym

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spinning and Yoga Tuesday

Spinning was pretty hard. I was already a bit sore from broomball still, and then the 5 miles took more out of my legs than I thought it would. Probably because I couldn't just run them at a steady pace. I blame the treadmill.

Anyway, it was a new playlist. Stinky perfume woman was there, and I learned her superfluous application of L'eau de Urban bothers others as well as me. We did mostly speedy stuff. Lots of pickups, jumps, and "100 yard dashes". Not much for hills. It was a nice change up. We heard they've added another class on Wednesdays, so that will be nice to have another option. I like the Tuesday - Thursday line up, but options are good. Plus, if it will help getting into classes before they fill up, all the better.

I did yoga in the evening. This is the third class. I'm starting to do the plank without my knees down. Other than that, not much has changed in that world. I noticed a guy in class that had a "Swallow Bike Works" shirt on. That is the new bike shop in Loveland that replaced Cycle Sport. It just recently opened, and this guy's daughter and son-in-law run the shop. I asked him about it, trying to get a feel for what kind of shop it is. He asked me if I was a cyclist and told me about some of the races he does. Didn't get much of a feel for the shop, but he was fun to talk to and I got some ideas about road racing...

Today I'm taking a day off. I feel a bit beat. I can tell my body is acclimating to the workouts, which is great. I hope the weather is decent this weekend so I can get a run in outside.