Thursday, August 28, 2008

Squirrels and Upgrades!

The squirrels were everywhere this morning. EVERYWHERE!!!

On my short 2.5 mile run, I saw somewhere between 10 - 15 squirrels...many dangerously crossing the road. Most were foraging in the grass and then hopping up to trees. I don't know if you can tell anything from what the winter is supposed to be like from the squirrels, but they were definitely active. I wonder if the squirrels that live in the nicer neighborhoods have nicer nuts. Gourmet nuts... that come already roasted.

And on a complete separate note, I FINALLY upgraded my design programs.

After much frustration on not being able to uninstall CS2 that~ eh hem~ came with the computer, I ended up talking to Adobe Customer Support for an hour as we cleaned out anything CS from my machine. Then low and behold, I was finally able to install CS3. And I've successfully opened Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. We'll just see what bugs I come across tomorrow, all in time for a huge rush project for my infamous Client NoTimeline. Most importantly, begging agencies to save down their files again after I already asked and feeling like I'm a big pest is finally over. Right now the Adobe updater is running, and things like "Patch Device Central" drives keep mounting to my desktop then disappearing. I have faith in the Adobe gods. I'm already for CS4, whenever that one comes out. Bring it. Cha ching.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I've been running well and feeling stronger, post food poisoning. I know it sounds crazy, but I didn't just bounce back from that. Maybe 5 years ago I would have.

Last Friday I went to Deerfield Park to run the paved lap trail that is new. It's 1.5 miles so I was going to do just 2 laps and see how I felt. It was hot and muggy, so I thought maybe I'd try the trail in the woods instead. Greg and I used to mountain bike there, and I remember it being fun. I only spent a mile in the woods before I figured it wasn't a safe idea and was back out on the path to do a hot muggy loop. The trail in the woods is awesome though- very hilly and fun, always have to watch the ground. It took me back to the mountain biking days. I told Greg how fun it was and he said we'd both go in the spring. See, my goal is to be at a pace that Greg can run with by springtime. Still won't be his pace, but it won't be so painfully slow that he could WALK and keep up with me! :) At the end when I was walking to my car, I saw these HUGE bugs dead on the pavement.

By huge I mean at least 2 inches long. It was like a movie- they were huge and as I kept walking I saw more and more... Right about the time I thought I wouldn't want to meet one of those alive, I looked up and there were about 4 in the air. One flew at my head. I ran to the car and fumbled to unlock it so I could get in as the thing followed me. Turns out they are Cicada Killer Wasps, and supposedly are harmless to humans unless provoked (grabbed, stepped on etc) but I was too freaked out to find out.

I didn't run over the weekend, but we did some yard work. Last night I ran about 4 miles and felt pretty good. My GPS kept going in an out though, so I'm not sure what my pace was. I know that I felt really great the first 2 miles, then felt like it was difficult the second 2 to keep up the pace, but I did. I have found lately that I'm not liking out-and-backs. I have always preferred a loop and once I determined I could in fact do a loop of sorts from my house, now that's all I want to do. It's mental. This weekend I think I'll drive out to Miami Whitewater which has an 8 mile loop and do that. Though it is flat and I like to do the long runs on flat surfaces, I'm so tired of the bike trail. I'm also tired of not having a running partner. Maybe I should drag the chunky Dexter-dog outside once in a while!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nothing to See Here

I've decided that my blog is a bit boring. So I'm going to try to take more pictures to liven it up...which will also get me taking more pictures (which is fun, though a photographer I do not claim to be).

I have nothing to say right now, but for the sake of having something to look at...
Here's a random pic of a baby Starling that was in our front boxwood one day when I came home.

And here's baby Dexter, a few weeks aftere we got him (taken by Dad at Thanksgiving). Aw, the memories...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Staycation is Over

Vacation week is over. Now it's back to work and routine.

Some highlights:

Bodies Exhibit was awesome. Very interesting. A must see. Kinda gross, but more fascinating than anything. Proof that a 3-D look at things makes a big impact.

Garage - is CLEAN! Yay!

- is ORGANIZED! Yay again! The bike is all set up on the trainer and you can walk freely to everything in the room.

Food Poisoning - SUCKS! Had it Wednesday night. No yay for this one. Chicken Scampii at the Olive Garden wreaked havoc on the GI tract. Without sharing too many details: both ends, up all night, chills and hot flashes, headache, dehydration, severe stomach cramping and pain... I'd rather have the flu. Was finally feeling normal Saturday...3 days later.

Running - Due to the food poisoning, that didn't happen as planned. Really a bummer since the weather was in the cool 80's all week too. I ran Tuesday in the rain (storming) for 6 miles and that has been the last time. Will try to run tonight, taking it easy. I know I'm all recovered inside, but get tired quick still. And this is my first full day back to work, so I might need a nap!

Food poisoning aside, it was a great time off. Good to spend time with Greg and just relax with the dogs. I think they were a little upset this morning, after figuring out that I was leaving. They kept following me and would sit down, looking at me. (I think they conspire with these "sad puppy" looks they do.) I feel refreshed. Maybe I can do this again in another month! :)