Friday, May 8, 2009

Flying Pig Half Marathon Race Report

It's been a week. Time I get a post about the race done!
Overall, it was a fun day. The slightly wet weather had me nervous it could be a wash-out, but it was only a light drizzle in the beginning. And with the cool temperatures, it really was nice for running.

I got up at 4 to get ready. I'm getting better with my race-day OCD. I think I only retied my shoes 2 times :) We arrived downtown about 6. Daryl and I lined up at the start, and Greg took some pictures. Daryl is posing like a boss. I just look uncomfortable.

The gun (or maybe cannon?) went off, and after 6 minutes we were across the start line. I settled into a comfortable, easy pace. Perhaps I'm somewhere in the blur...

The course first goes into Kentucky over a bridge. Then back into downtown Cincinnati around the 4 mile. My breathing was easy - I was actually just breathing through my nose! That's difficult for me to do sometimes just sitting at my desk, thanks to my allergies, so I was impressed. I felt great and happy that it was so easy so far. This photo is from the website and was taken by Michael E. Anderson. I'm in it- how crazy is that!

Coming out of downtown, there is a climb. A long climb. I completely forgot how severe this hill was. It is long and quite steep in some parts. It killed me and my legs. After that I thought, well I'll make up my pace on the downhill at the end. Nice plan, but the hill really took a lot out of me. I had taken a piece of candy from a woman near the end of the huge hill section. It was one of those orange slice gummies.

I was really hoping for a boost, but all it did was give me bits of gummy to pick out of my teeth with my tongue for a couple of miles. Not distracting enough.

I somewhat recovered through miles 7 - 8 - 9, but I was really beginning to hurt. This was the beginning of my mental downfall. I was really tired. I really wanted to lay down on the grass. I kept trying to tell myself only 4 more miles, but I didn't feel like running 4 more miles.

When the race took the turn onto Gilbert (going the right way down Gilbert...downhill), I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I relaxed and smoothed out my stride, letting the hill take me down it pretty quickly. Making up time didn't really seem possible anymore since I had slowed down so much. But I was happy to be "running" again, no longer moving along at a snail's pace.

There was another rough part at mile 12. Just flat and a diversion from the nice straight path we had been heading on toward the finish line. I just wanted to be done! I tried to pick up the pace, but for the first time felt a sudden wave of nausea. My mouth did that tight clenching kind of thing that reminded me of throwing up. So I eased back off. My legs hurt so bad.

In the last bit of the course, I was making all kinds of "I'm in pain" faces that I'm sure were entertaining for those watching. I'm sure I provoked some "Oh, she doesn't look good!" comments to be mumbled among the people lining the course. But I had to get through it. Here I eeked out a smile because I saw Greg with the camera.

As soon as I actually saw the finish "swine", I gave a tiny push using the little bit I had left. I crossed the line and was soooooooooo glad to be done!

I wish I had felt better throughout the race, but looking back, my "training" was very, very minimal. So I really don't think I could have done any better unless I had trained more. I've never hurt so bad after a race. Greg found me slooowly inching my way through Sawyer Point, trying to make my way to our meeting point. The look on his face told me that I must have been visibly wearing on my face the pain I was feeling. I sat down and stretched while Greg went to look for Daryl. He didn't find him and that meant that I had to get up and start helping to look, which was agonizing. After we did find Daryl, we slowly headed back in the direction of the car. Greg ran ahead and picked us up somewhere around where the start line was, for which I was grateful.
Here's me helping Daryl up, though he was in much better shape than I.

The finishers!

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Butch said...

Well, you didn't look all the worse for wear in the picture but you painted an ugly one in your writing.

I have yet to figure out why anyone would want to "run for pain". If it hurts you stop, you know, hit your thumb with a hammer and then hit it again, I don't think so.

Well, you made it and I'm glad. I like your stick to it attitude. All this means is that you will always succeed because you keep on going. I'm not going to refer to you as a rabbit here, but....

Let's just say you were taught well, you mom did a good job.