Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Studio update

I have now painted the walls of the studio...with Greg's help.

I was off Monday and got it all done. 3 walls are white and the one with the window is a rusty brown color. I'll take pics and post. I really do like how it looks. Greg said he will help with the very very high trim that I just was too chickensh$! to reach on the high rungs of the borrowed ladder.

I've taken the small collection of carpet samples we have over and thrown them around on the floor. It is going to take a whole lotta carpet samples to cover the floor.

The other graphic designer 2 doors down, (Pixel Pete I keep calling him even though his name is Paul) put in a new router since he said the signal wasn't very strong. So I need to try that out and get the login info from him.

I would like to use one of the tables that is in the main area as my desk. I don't know who they belong to or if they are for sale.

Today I've responded to some "designer wanted" posts on Craig's List that Greg found. Who knows what kind of work they are or what they would pay, but at this stage in the game, I can't be too picky! It's worth the investigation. I'm going to work on updating my resume and cover letter when I get home. Also need to make a pdf of my portfolio. I wish I had a web site. Maybe I can figure that out this weekend. I suppose I need to get a business name registered first though, since that is what I would want my domain name to be...

Anyway, doing my thinking out loud here.


Dad said...

Wow! Sounds interesting. Does the land lord make all the physical changes you need in your new studio or are you totally free to do what you want?

Steph said...

I'm free to do whatever I want pretty much. Can do anything except put holes in the door. I still need to upload pictures... 3 walls are now white and the one with the window is a rusty brown.