Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Name is Decided....

SAS Creative.

It's simple- my initials. I think it will make a very cool/sophisticated logo.

Everything super cool was already taken on the web. And at least I can explain this name- it's just my initials. It's easy to say also. And it doesn't force me to be one certain thing (i.e. illustrator, graphic design, etc). I really like having "creative" in there.

There is a site called sascreative that is out of Canada. They mainly do web it looks like. So my domain name is sas-creative. Who knows when i'll actually have the site up and running. I don't even have a logo yet.

Just wanted to give everyone the update on the name. I do feel more official now and not just like this girl who's freelancing.

1 comment:

MOM said...

Like your new name. I think it fits.
Also, on those window coverings, you know sheets make really nice drapes. They are easy to just wash, iron and put up.
Something to think about.