Monday, October 29, 2007

Foreclosure Cats

I have my first real art project. Pixel Paul (owner of Remy- cat in window from earlier posts) forwarded an email about an art show that is going to be in our studio's gallery in January. It's for Foreclosure Cats. Back in early 2007, some guy foreclosed on his house and walked away without telling anyone there were about 60 cats trapped inside without food and water. They were found, some alive some not, and most with major health problems. Those that are recovered are up for adoption. A woman who is an artist in Loveland organized the art side of it- getting artists to do portraits of the cats. The art will be auctioned off and the money goes to the rescue groups, vet releif, etc. Prints of each cat will go to the person who adopts the cat. Pretty neat!

So I've signed up to do George. He's not adopted yet, but probably will be since he seems to have less major health issues. When he was found though, his gums were so diseased, all of his teeth had to be pulled.

I think I'll just do a regular portrait of him, showing his little tongue that hangs out a bit. But I'd also like to do something more illustrative, if I find the time. I will update my progress as it becomes visual!

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