Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring in 13 days... Pig in 58 days

We're supposed to get more white death this Friday p.m. and Saturday morning. It is hard to believe it was 70º Monday. I am trying not to let stupid winter regain its grasp on my mood.

Monday, when it was so warm out, Greg took the day off and I took a half-ish day. We ended up going for a run in Symmes Park, which is hilly and mostly trail- very fun. He got new shoes and wanted to run before his newly established running club started on Wednesday. My legs were dead from having run the 6.5 miles the day before, so hills really weren't the best idea. It was only about 20 minutes though, so I don't think any damage was done.

Wednesday after work, Greg had about 3 or 4 people join him for the first FRCH Running Club run. They did a loop about a mile long. There was one walker, and she went the opposite direction so they would pass while out there. There seems to be an interest, even from those who couldn't make it this week, so that is great! I also ran Wednesday after work for 30 minutes. I dare say I was running a decent pace after I warmed up- I felt so strong! I think I may have grown some muscles from the 6.5 mile + hills!

IKEA opens March 12th, and this Saturday we are going for a preview before it opens! Our neighbor works at a flooring company and has a vehicle pass. I think this trip will end my disbelief that IKEA is actually in Cincinnati and I don't have to drive 4+ hours to get to one.

In business news, I just did my first "firing" of a client. It's a story not for publishing on a public blog, but I will just say that I am now very relieved!!!

So spring is, by calendar standards, in 13 days. The Pig is in 58, a number that sounds like it should be a tad bit higher. Might try to bike after work if it's a warm 47º the newsman forecasted.


jamie said...

Yeah IKEA!! Tell us how it is!

I can't believe you're getting snow this weekend... then again I can. It IS Cincinnati :)

Butch said...

Now the rains and more snow in possible forecast for next week.

6 days to spring. You will like my sq. ft. garden plans.

Gotta a pretty neat decking booklet for Greg. Nothing major but simple and interesting.