Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I ESPECIALLY like to run when it's 70º and sunny

After a rediculous couple days in the make that a rediculous week (and it's only Wednesday) in the studio, nothing sounded better to me today than a run. I planned for it regardless of the fact that I only got 3.5 hours of sleep and am wiped out from my allergies. Sometimes you just have to go! And now I feel much better.

It was blissful, the weather could not be more perfect. I envy the few people on the planet that get a day like this every day.

On the Dog Front, Dexter is still doing OK. He didn't stay very well last class when we did sit-stays and down-stays. He'd forget what he was sitting or downing for, start sniffing and get up. There are only two more classes after this, and I think I've decided to take him on to the next level, Intermediate. He is doing so well and I don't think either of us have been trained enough to really make it a change, so I think another 8 weeks will be great. He's already made a lot of improvement. Now when he's up on the counter and we scream NO! He actually will get down. He'll get right back up again, but he will get down. Maybe he just has ADD.

I also took Harley on a walk with the pinch collar (after adding 2 more links for her thicker neck) and she did really well! For the first time ever, she didn't pull! I take that back- when I've taken her running, after about a mile she won't pull anymore either! She certainly didn't understand that I was leader, but at least she responded to the collar.


Butch said...

Soap Box Time for Dad

Let's see, allergies + 3.5 hrs sleep + running in this pollen invested air that we have now = miserable days and nights. Fix = go back to allergist or find another one that fits your needs and stick to the regiment. Watch the foods you take in, run with a mask if need be, make sure your house filter is working and just run the recirculation if heat or A/C isn't needed.

Take it from the one you got the condition from and loves you the most, take care of yourself.

Butch said...

You'll have to copy/paste his url and then click translate to read it. Also, it is Portugese according to Google. Never knew what the language was.

You are now international, congradulations. Pour the champagne or wine, even a cold beer. Celebrate!

Butch said...

Ha ha, seems that you and Jamie got similar comments....adds. Why didn't I pickup on that when I looked at "toner" in the first place. Even looks like the same person wrote it. Guess I better watchout, could be going around.