Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Well, I didn't get to run to the polls this morning like I had considered. Time and sealing driveway cracks didn't allow. But I did drive, stood in line with a neighbor, ate a bagel with coffee, and voted for Obama. And now the fun begins: watching all of the news stations bust their buns to be the first network to (most likely inaccurately) predict the next president. CNN started today's coverage an hour early for the sake of keeping us voters informed. 5:00 a.m.– well before any polls are even open or most are out of bed! Sometimes I just wonder how I'd get by in life without CNN there to keep me updated with the latest breaking news. And all of it is breaking news by the way. That's what news does- it breaks. It does not meander in, bubble up, nor shyly present itself. It breaks.

Speaking of races (to the whitehouse), I will be racing this Saturday at the Mason Mini - a 9.3 mile run through what the website describes as "flat" Mason. So I'm looking forward to finding these flat areas of Mason. It can't be any hillier than Akron, that's for sure. So even though the virus I got last week has set me back, I think I'll be fine and it should be fun!

I am going to check out cnn.com to see if Wolf Blitzer has the country color coded yet.


jamie said...

GO OBAMA!! And GO STEPHANIE in Saturday's race :)

Ohh, the color coding... Could it be that they'll get it right this time??

Brian and Alison said...

Hi Steph! Good Luck at the race! We need to visit again soon- when you're not running and my sinus infection is gone! Glad your virus is gone.

Butch said...

Well I just read your blog and it is over now, however, if you haven't seen it yet............there is a new map. Still in the colors of blue and red but it shows the breakdown differently. It looks more like a pixel map made by a grapic design student that was trying to blend the reds and blues to some tint of pink and sky blue. This was on NBC.

Jannelle said...

Old and busted: color-coding

New hotness: HOLOGRAMS!!!