Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How Many Creative Titles Can One Invent to Say One Went for a Nice Run?

The Pig Half is in 19 days and I get an annoying, unnecessary email from them every day reminding me of this fact (where "fact" is days left until Pig). I need to unsubscribe!

After the Heart Mini, I felt great. However, starting the Monday after it, I did suffer some sort of weird coughing sickness and feel like today is my first full day of not having coughing fits. Relief at last! I was worried that it would carry on and I wouldn't be able to attempt my 12 miles this weekend. I think it is partly allergies (damn trees having to grow their leaves again).

So, yep, 11 or 12 this weekend in preparation for the Pig. The weather is going to be beautiful. I may try to do it Friday to get it out of the way for the weekend. Tonight I ran a quick 2 miles and felt pretty good. Nothing eventful. In fact life in general has been rather mundane recently.

But here's a funny of Steph not thinking before speaking (common practice of mine) and interacting with Old People. Tonight we were picking up wiper blades for Greg's car. I went over to a book section of the store and found an older gentleman and his even older mother (I know because he called her so) looking through crossword puzzle books. I think they were just passing the time, entertaining themselves in the store with the books, rather than buying them. Uh, because what else do you do on a rainy Tuesday night, right? Anyway, I heard (or thought I heard) the man say, "L - O - L ... now what on earth could that one mean!" I stepped nearer and said "laugh out loud", thinking I had earned my badge to Educate the Uninformed for the day. I was also prepared to follow up with what the Interwebs is and how computers work. He looked at me. Then he said, "On no, [pointing into book] I said L - O - L - L. I know what LOL means." Me: "Oh! I thought I heard...er...l-o-l...of course you know what it... " sheepishly scampers away...

So before any of you out there who know me (you know who you are, Jannelle) accuse me of talking down to the old folks because of my disdain for Grumpy Old People (Homo oldandgrumpius, a certain genus that have given me nightmares and cause me to shudder even now!), this example/incident/embarrassing moment is my proof for my innocence. I was simply trying to help. If I was an Old People Hater, I would have snubbed my nose, laughed at the incredulity of someone not knowing what lol means, and maybe even given old grandma a good shove on her walker. See? Sharp contrast here.


Butch said...

Yep, that's something us older people have learned over the years. Keep OUR noses out of other peoples business. You're luck the walker wasn't banged into your ankles.

It takes time and patience to learn how that is done. You are getting there with the passage of every 12/14 of every year.

Good luck in the Pig and may it be your best year yet.

Old Dad,

Mom said...

Please when you put me in the home, don't embarass me. Remember there are times when you should just not say anything.