Monday, May 2, 2011

Flying Pig Half Marathon 2011

I'm taking a break from the 24 Hours of LeMons reports to write a quick report about the Pig. This past weekend was awesome. I hung out with friends all weekend. Sunday a bunch of us ran the Flying Pig Half Marathon...on a soggy morning after many many soggy weeks. It just hasn't stopped raining here.

This was by far not a very good run for me. I started out feeling great: strong, breathing easily, and no leg pain (which I was worried about happening given the past few runs). I soon realized I was repeating the Pig Half I had in 2009. Once I hit Gilbert and the hills following, I was done. If I wasn't going downhill, it was a struggle to run. I wouldn't even call what I did after mile 6 "running." More of a ...slog...

But it didn't matter. I was out there, moving, enjoying all the others around me, and especially enjoying that so many of my friends were running the race too - that was the best. I was happy to be there. I know I was very under-trained. At about mile 10, I was thinking up summaries up in my head that best captured this race experience. The winner was: Races are a lot more fun when you train for them properly! :)

I'll have to post pictures of the awesome shirts Jess and Daryl made for all of us. They were so great!

And now it's time to pick out some fun races and events for the summer!

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