Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gettin' Back Into It

I didn't end up running Monday on my day off from work. But I was feeling better. Had a few naps. I must have had some weird kind of bug.

So nothing new on the running front. I only went Wednesday so far. I felt good Tuesday and wanted to go, but dinner disaster spoiled my plans. I suppose "disaster" is an exaggeration - I didn't have eggs so I had to change the menu from taco bake to tacos, which in turn cut the cooking time form 35 mintues to 5. No run. But I did walk for quite a while with Dexter. Probably about 1.5 - 2 miles.

Wednesday I ran after work around the neighborhood and felt AWFUL. My legs felt as if they had lead flowing through them.

Tonight I decided to just rest. I got up early for work and have had an exausting day. All I want to do is work on The Plan but I may run out of steam here pretty soon. I think I sound old.

One development with The Plan is Greg found an art studio in old Loveland! I have emailed about it and they guy called back. I just have to call him back now and ask some questions. I don't know how big the spaces are, but they rent for .80 a square foot, which isn't bad for a room the size of the one I'm in now! We will see...

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