Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Studio 105

Last week Greg and I were on our way to one of our favorite restaurants, The Works, in old Loveland. At the last stoplight, Greg suddenly said he wanted to check something out. I assumed it was a car sitting for sale somewhere, but it wasn't. It was a building that said "Loveland Artist Studios on Main". I was quite surprised. It was a large building - was it really studio spaces??

I got out of the car and looked in the window. Sure enough, there were a few artists listed along with their craft. It looked pretty cool from the outside...

After checking out their website, it said that there was one studio left, they rented the spaces at .80 a square foot, and that there were 26 artists. I sent the contact an email to say I was interested in learning more. He sent an email to say that I should give him a call to talk about it.

Friday, I left early and gave him a call. I ended up going over there, and meeting Greg there from work so he could look at it too. The space is 18' x 15' and is $190 a month including electric, heat, and wireless internet! A steal. There is no way I could get my own place for that money.

So, we decided to do it!

Today I signed the lease and gave the deposit and first month's rent. I'm SOOOOO excited. It will be so amazing to have my own place to work in. This really helps with The Plan. At the least, it will be an awesome art studio to actually get a portfolio built.

I'm so excited!!!!!!
I'm trying to think of a good name for my design business. I kind of like Studio 105, which is the name of the space I am in. Not sure though. I'm thinking...

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Dad said...

Studio 105 is nice. The Vision Box is good. Illustrations by Steph.