Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Harley in School

This was the 3rd week at Beginner Obedience for Harley. While she is doing pretty well, this most recent class session was chaos. Of course having gone through the class already with Dexter, my views are tainted a bit. But the instructor was getting very mad at the class, so I don't think it's just me.

Harley's worst subject is Staying Quiet. (This shouldn't be a surprise to any of you.) She's extremely excited for the first chunk of class, barking randomly as well as every time we switch directions while walking in the ring. She's eager to go go go! I had to give her the lime juice treatment in the beginning of class. I think lime juice worked better than the lemon juice– there were less mmmmmm this is tasty! licks following the squirt into her mouth. As for the barking at home progress, I think what we'll have to do is make Harley lay down when people come in and make sure she doesn't bark by pinning her and squirting lime juice in her mouth. It's a lot of work and is going to take a lot of practicing.

I kind of yelled at another at least in the direction of the owner via her dog? It was stressful. This woman wouldn't make her dog do anything, she didn't say boo to it the entire class, and it was being aggressive toward Harley during the sit-stay exercise. So a big NO DOG! came belting out of me. People proably think I'm a b!$*# but I just didn't want a fight.

Over all, Harley is having a good time. Greg comes and watches (and laughs at the chaos) and says she looks completely content and happy to be there.


jamie said...

Maybe we should just come in the door armed with lime juice water guns :)

Good luck!

Butch said...

I think I want to go and watch Harley's handler like Greg is doing. It sounds like it could be an entertaining time.

Harley's a yipper and always will be in all probablity, she just likes to say hi to everyone because she is a loving dog. Yipping when she turns, she's just saying look at me I did it.