Sunday, June 1, 2008


The weather has warmed and there is so much to do... which equals Sore Weekends.

For one thing, I am hunkering down to train for duathlons this summer. With Greg's help and a good book I bought (appropriately named Training Plans for Multisport Athletes) I feel like I know what I'm doing. I'm giving it a shot at least.

And then there is the yard. On Saturday, I planted some flowers, then we mowed, cleared out the front beds of the dead daffodils and gigantic weeds, and we got our old landscaping stones from our neighbors who thought they wanted them but then didn't use them (and now we are going to use them). All of this in one day made my hamstrings scream.

No yard work today, but I did run. Loosened me up a bit. Trick for sore hamstrings: use a rolling pin to massage them. Looks ridiculous but really helps.

So this is what the week's training looked like:
Monday Bashful Ostrich 5K
Tuesday off
Wednesday 3 mile run
Thursday Tae Bo video (yeah. um. wanting some variety in the training. it is pretty hard.)
Friday 30 min on bike trainer
Saturday yard work galore
Sunday 30 minutes easy run

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E-Speed said...

the yard work makes me tired even thinking about it. I finally planted some seeds in my bed that took me a whole year to dig up. Ground looks horrible, all crumbly but I don't care, if it was good enough for all the weeds I pulled it will be good enough for my seeds :)

Hopefully we will get to see you guys again on the 22nd!