Monday, August 11, 2008

Staycation is Over

Vacation week is over. Now it's back to work and routine.

Some highlights:

Bodies Exhibit was awesome. Very interesting. A must see. Kinda gross, but more fascinating than anything. Proof that a 3-D look at things makes a big impact.

Garage - is CLEAN! Yay!

- is ORGANIZED! Yay again! The bike is all set up on the trainer and you can walk freely to everything in the room.

Food Poisoning - SUCKS! Had it Wednesday night. No yay for this one. Chicken Scampii at the Olive Garden wreaked havoc on the GI tract. Without sharing too many details: both ends, up all night, chills and hot flashes, headache, dehydration, severe stomach cramping and pain... I'd rather have the flu. Was finally feeling normal Saturday...3 days later.

Running - Due to the food poisoning, that didn't happen as planned. Really a bummer since the weather was in the cool 80's all week too. I ran Tuesday in the rain (storming) for 6 miles and that has been the last time. Will try to run tonight, taking it easy. I know I'm all recovered inside, but get tired quick still. And this is my first full day back to work, so I might need a nap!

Food poisoning aside, it was a great time off. Good to spend time with Greg and just relax with the dogs. I think they were a little upset this morning, after figuring out that I was leaving. They kept following me and would sit down, looking at me. (I think they conspire with these "sad puppy" looks they do.) I feel refreshed. Maybe I can do this again in another month! :)

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Mom said...

vacations do go by too fast, especially for you being sick and all. Hope your next one is better and mostly glad you are feeling better. Also glad the garage and basement are in order, at least for a while.

Signed one very organized mother.