Monday, March 23, 2009

Heart Mini is coming...

Last weekend I ran 6 miles– my last "long run" before the Heart Mini Marathon this Sunday. I felt pretty good the entire time. My knees got a little wobbly at the end, but I think they were cold and stiff. My pace was slowish but comfortable, so I'm happy. I'm not aiming for a particular pace (well, secretly I might be). This is more of just a practice for the Pig and fun way to get in a 9.3 mile run. I still don't know what my goal is going to be for the Pig. It probably should just be to finish strong and not hurt, but if I can get work under control and train better next month, I might try to up it a bit if I'm better prepared.

There was nothing too exciting experienced during my run. I was kind of bored as I plodded along, but it was a nice mental break from working so much recently. The weather was great– sunny and 55º I think. I was in shorts and a t-shirt, and there was a slight breeze to keep things cool. I did get chased by a teeny-tiny, fat little poodle-looking dog that had a bow in its hair. Vicious! I stopped to pet it and it smelled of shampoo. I think it was wider than it was long, giving it an odd square shape when looking at it from overhead.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 68º so I will probably run in the afternoon to take advantage of the weather. I never had an invisible friend as a child, but I'm thinking about creating an invisible running partner to talk to while I run- lol. I suppose I could recruit the dogs. Dexter could stand to lose a few.

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