Monday, March 9, 2009

Broomball Game #3

We played a very good team that had a couple of guys who were clearly not beginners. However, the team as a whole was fun to play because they weren't rough/dirty and they really pushed us to be better.

We scored first. Then they answered. Then we scored again. But in the final minutes, they scored and it was by a girl. Unknown to us, rules in co-ed are if a girl scores it's worth two points. Dumb. So now we have a new strategy - girls are going to play up front more. :)

I'm sore, but no one got hurt this time since it was such a clean game. Recently someone broke a rib after they were slid into, so the league has really cracked down on staying on your feet. Unfortunately, most of our team played on Fountain Square last year, where I guess sliding was what you did. Hard habit to break for some.

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