Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a New Year - Hello 2011!

Some running and biking fun ideas/desires for the new year:

1. Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon 15K
2. Flying Pig Half Marathon
3. Biking more and finding people to bike with
4. A duathlon or two? Tri for Joe would fall nicely after the Pig.
5. More trail running? Maybe do the Dirt Days series, which is a series of trail runs throughout the spring and summer
6. Columbus Marathon
7. Weekend runs in different parks all over the city

So far this year I've had ups and downs with getting back into a schedule. The weather is rough, motivation is rough, blah blah blah. I feel like I've started over 10 times already. It's not far into the year yet though, so I suppose it's still not too late to start again.


Butch said...

Do you have indoor tracks nearby that you can use since the weather and roads are such a mess?

Steph said...

Unfortunately no... not unless I want to pay a huge fee for a gym. And then I won't use it when it is nice again. At least I have my bike set up indoors. It's what I did this morning.