Monday, December 17, 2007

But wait! There's More!

sooo....apparently I thanked everyone too soon!
Greg through me a surprise party Saturday night. For those who don't know the story-
Casey and Jannelle came over to our house a little early and we were going to go to Benihanna for dinner. But Jannelle wanted to go to Target first to look for some boots and somehow managed to drag me along. Greg and Casey were going to "work on the water softener".

Lies lies - all lies!

I came back and "Surprise!"
It was a rock star theme- there were temporary tattoos, mohawks, eyeliner on men, rockstar shirts and ridiculous sunglasses worn. I was definitely surprised.

So now, thank you once again to everyone!! I had a wonderful 30th birthday!


Butch said...

Boy if you only knew how close we came to blowing it for Greg after we ate lunch. Glad he pulled it off and glad you had fun. Any pictures?

E-Speed said...

How fun! We want to see pics!

Happy belated birthday!

jamie said...

What a sweet husband you have :)

I'm sorry we missed the festivities!