Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter Wonderland

This one is, in particular, for the Swindons. I couldn't let them miss Cincinnati's first snowfall!

I decided to take a run in the snow from my studio today during my break from the endless photo-retouching project for Luxottica. It was supposed to be 34ยบ all day and as weird as it sounds, with no wind that is great running weather! I tried out my new thermal bike shirt. I was expecting the best from this shirt. Why? Because it originally cost $149.99, but I got it for $40 on clearance at the Trek store. What could a shirt do that is 149.99 you ask? Well, my guess was give me a shoulder massage after I was done.

Anyway, the run was wonderful. I jogged down to the trail to get some pics.

I wasn't the only one out on the snowy trail today.

Glad this branch didn't fall on my head.

Creek running to the river.

That's me outside the studio. After the run I tried to take a picture of me and a gingerbread man. Some people decorated the studio to look, in their words, like a giant gingerbread house. So there are ginger bread people and candy canes and lollipops. It's kind of neat. I ran out of battery before I could center myself with my cookie friend better.
Oh and the thermal shirt did not give me anything more than warmth.


Butch said...

Nice pics Steph, better than mine but then I took mine from indoors through the window. Too cold outside for me.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos, I am very jealous as it is around 55 and raining here.

jamie said...

That anonymous is Pat in case it wasn't obvious--he can't get the blogs to work very well on his work computer.

Thanks for the pictures! They look great and, as Pat said, we're jealous. There are suppose to be ice sculptures in York this weekend--we're going to go early so we can see them before they melt and get mushified by rain :)