Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dexter is Going to School!

"I'm going where?"

I've enrolled Dexter in the Cincinnati Canine Companion Center that is just around the corner from my studio in Loveland. Our neighbor, Rick, is also going to be in the same class with his rescued Skye terrier, Brenny. We start March 10th and the sessions last for 8 weeks- every Monday night at 6:00.

I'm looking forward to it! We're on the path to a trained beagle with good manners who won't drink your beer when you're not looking!

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Butch said...

I think you should take Harley so she doesn't feel left out. I know she doesn't eat rocks, sneak food (boy Dexter loves salsa) or anything else we won't mention here but Harley could learn to great guests more quietly instead of being so excited, although I actually like it. Have fun and good luck. He won't be hard to train.