Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Such a Tease

60º weather in February? Let's not get excited.

Yesterday it rained all day, but it was warm– steamy, for February! I couldn't resist a run outside in the rain. There was a light sprinkle the entire 30 minutes I was out, which kept me cool in my t-shirt and shorts. Unbelievable. Today's widget forecast appears to be calling for the same, but I'm sore. I think in the excitement of being outside in warm weather, I unknowingly picked up the pace a bit.

Now, if on the day of the Pig we don't have at least 60º weather, even if it's a downpour, I'm going to be upset, thinking back to this warm day in February. If it can be 60 in February, it can be 60 in May...right? Oh wait, this is Ohio.

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