Friday, February 15, 2008


I've decided it's time to start putting hillwork into my training. They are much safer than speedwork and give you tons of strength quickly. Today was not only my first run with hills, but my first run since last Saturday! Ug.

Loveland is chock full of hills. I guess that's what you get really close to a river. I ran from the studio and found a good longish not so steep hill just past Loveland's Kroger. That took me about 2 mintues. Then after cresting that, a very long gentle downhill, which means a long gentle uphill as well, since I turned around at the end of the sidewalk. The uphill was 3 minutes. Back at the crest, there is a street that goes what I'd call severely up hill. That one was short, only taking 1 minute, but very very steep.

So I've found a great variety of hills to do repeats on, and I know of some more also. It felt so good to move again. After 2 consecutive weeks of 8-13 hour days, I needed some exercise and fresh air!!

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