Tuesday, July 29, 2008


...or should I say "staycation" – the overused term defining everyone staying home/local for vacation due to sucky gas prices.

Whatever you call it, Greg and I are enjoying some free time away from work to relax and catch up with friends and family. We will be traveling up to Perrysburg, which will cost apprx. $60 for my car at the recent prices. :) We'll be driving to Centerville at some point also, not nearly as far or tank-taxing (about 38 miles vs. 180). And one drive probably to the Bodies Exhibit down at Union Terminal (about 25 miles). Staycation here we come!

Other plans: yard work, seeing babies and visiting friends (and their babies), long bike ride(s), running, meeting with finance guy, celebrating 7 years of marriage!, finishing the Basement Project, fixing the scooter and perhaps getting temps, and somewhere in there just relaxing.

There are a million other things we could do also, but it's only a week. Yikes.


jamie said...

Have fun!! And in case I forget, enjoy your anniversary on Monday!!

Anonymous said...

While you're in Centerville visiting, why don't you make a visit to Kettering and visit us. It's very close.