Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm Registered!

I'm officially registered for the Akron Half Marathon now. Yay! I'm very excited. Check out the map!

I read the course description, which was all sounding very nice: not too many monsterous hills, plenty-o-aid stations, spots for Greg to spectate if he can go. But then I read the description of the finish.

For both the marathon and half-marathon, the finish is what they call an "Olympic style" finish. You end up running into a baseball stadium full of people, and run straight across the outfield to the finish at 2nd base. Baseball stadium full of people. Just what I don't want at the end of a race.

That may sound crazy to some. What's wrong with crowd support and people to cheer for you, right? Well, the last time I ran into a stadium to finish a race, I nearly passed out and had to be aided by the medical team. It was a hot day and I got so overly-excited when I ran into the Reds stadium, I couldn't even feel my body anymore. Apparently I pushed a just a bit to hard. After crossing the finish line, I plopped down on the ground. Then the medical people found me and dumped water on me so icy I couldn't breath. So, though only a single experience, it is a permanent bad racing memory. In addition, I also tend to get a little bit emotional at the end of half marathons. It's long! And hard! And you're so proud of yourself when you finish! And everyone is so happy and trying so hard... I can't even watch the trailer for Spirit of the Marathon without getting a lump in my throat. So, combine an already emotional day made overly dramatic by finishing in a stadium with everyone witnessing it and that equals an icky pit in my stomach.

The up side is now I know. Perhaps I can prepare myself for the stage fright inducing finish. Here's to not puking in front of 9,000 people.


jamie said...

Even I have only puked in front of maybe 10 people at a time :)

Butch said...

It's a committment, not the going to Akron, but the running. If you are committed, you will not PUKE! Of the 9000 guests in the stadium, just how many will be able to say "I saw Steph puke today" at the dinner table that night? Just one, if he is able to be there. The other 8999 don't have a clue as to who you are.

Personnally I won't do anything that I think is going to make me puke, especially in front of people. I use to but I decided the hangover just wasn't worth it the next day.

I watched the trailer, interesting.