Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Sunny Eight!

Yay I ran 8!

This Saturday was a beautiful, sunny and breezy day. I decided I'd try again to run 8 miles and get somewhere with this half marathon training. Last week's attempt was not good. This time I just ran from the house to the end of the street, which is a half mile, and then back...8 times!

My first mile was waaaay too fast. But then I slowed down for the following miles. After each mile, I walked down the driveway and sipped some water, then walked back to the street to start the next mile. I think this is how I'm going to have to get through this half marathon... lots of breaks.

Unfortunately, I was extremely wiped out after I finished the last steps of the 8th mile. I was hoping to finish and feel like I could run more, but there was no way. I laid down on the floor and was in pain. It took a few hours, but after throwing around a Frisbee at a picnic, I was finally loosened up again. I definitely need new shoes pronto.

The plan is to do 10 (11 if for some miraculous reason I felt good after 10) some time next weekend. Then that's it until the 13.1 on race day. It should be fine as long as my body holds up between now and then. Not planning to worry about times– just want to complete the distance and get the "haven't ran a half marathon in over 2 years" monkey off my back.

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