Thursday, February 19, 2009

Signed up for the Heart Mini-Marathon

I'm signed up for my first "race" of the year, the Heart Mini-Marathon.

It is 15K, 9.3 miles. It's a great race - I've done it once before and happened to catch it on a good weather year that was dry and sunny. We'll see what this year brings!

I have all the races I'd like to do off to the side of the blog for '09. And yes...I've decided to try to do a marathon. (!) It all started from my old friend Sarah - we've discussed how we both are "aspiring" marathoners. She had made a post about whether or not to do one. I told her she should just do it. I was sick of hearing myself saying "someday" and wondered if she felt the same. She agreed. So we're both going to try to do one some time in the fall - probably not the same one, but maybe at the same time so we can share each other's pain! :)

I'm enjoying my runs recently and look forward to spring!!

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Butch said...

Thank you. I feel sooooo much better.


OH, by the way, good luck and it is a worthy cause. Week from Monday I find out about the new pacer.