Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Running In Fall

We are having a beeeeeautiful fall this year. I love fall – and it is definitely my favorite season to enjoy a run... crunching through the leaves, cooler temperatures and the amazing

I ran at Sharon Woods yesterday and took my phone along to capture some of it. I try to visit this park every fall. Even if we have an "ugly" year, somehow the trees there are always able to show off a lot of color.

And I saw a hot air balloon. Also saw a guy running the loop barefoot. Ouch!


Anonymous said...

those are very nice pictures. Take your cell phone everytime you run. One less thing for your mother not to have to worry about.

Butch said...

Great pictures from a phone. You're so right, this has been a fall to remember around here. Almost as good as the ones around Morgantown every year. Kind of makes you wonder what theirs was like this year.

Hope for a cool and wet summer next year, maybe we can have the same.

I do wonder what the winter has in for us and next spring.