Friday, October 30, 2009

Warm Fall

I'm watching the weather and next week we're in for a "quiet weather pattern" which I suppose means good things. I'm enjoying sucking up the last bit of shorts and t-shirt running weather. Yesterday I ran out on the road at a 9:30 pace. Just for 3 miles, but it felt good. I felt pretty energetic. My knee is a little sore from running the off-kilter trails at Sharon Woods. I need to stretch and get back into my physical therapy exercises. Today was 80ยบ! Unfortunately I was stuck inside an office all day. At 4:45 I put on my jacket, zipped it up, walked down the stairs and was shocked at the heat wave waiting for me as I was free of the building.

I'm planning to run 6 miles tomorrow or Sunday. I'm not sure about doing the Mason Mini in two weekends since my knee is a little sore. I don't want to aggravate it too much, but would love to do the race and see how fast I can do it. I did it last year at a pace slower than I just ran the marathon. So I suppose I'm improving slowly.

I'm trying to think of something to add to my running this winter to keep it interesting. So far all I've been able to come up with is:
1. location destination runs around the city/parks (especially for the long runs)
2. people to run with (but I don't have many friends who run...or do I)
3. snow shoe running, should we actually get snow (I've heard it's fun)

I'm jealous of runners' blogs I read where they talk about their running friends and comradere. Working by myself and running by myself is getting old  :)


Mom said...

join a runners club and ask someone to be your friend and then you can run together.

E-Speed said...

are they any running clubs in your area? That's how I made all my running friends in Cleveland.