Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Mac is Back

Yay! All fixed and $0 cost.
The power supply was bad, and this was covered under something or other since it is defective.
I took it in Wednesday night and they called Friday to let me know it was done! Quick. So Greg and I had to brave the holiday mall to pick it up. No casualties occurred.


Dad said...

Yea Steph. Glad you have it back, now you won't have an excuse for the boss to not get your work done.

By the way, glad the plumber had good luck in his endeavor. I told him when we talked tonight that we should be videoing everything that is done. We could make a 'how not to' or 'this could be your luck' tape. He didn't say this should only take a couple of hours before he melted the plastic did he. Gets me in trouble everytime.

jamie said...


I'm glad it was a relatively painless fix! Losing Thanksgiving as a work day couldn't have been too painful.