Sunday, January 25, 2009

Broomball Game #2

Game #2 began with PiMT (Party in My Tummy) using some "key learnings" (forgive my corporate term) at the previous night's Cyclones hockey game we all went to such as: offense should stay in a triangle, center moves all over the place, and clear the ball during powerplays.

Alas, while we had some good strategies, we lost. Gremlins 1, PiMT 0. It was kinda a cheap goal though honestly.

We started out with good energy, but no one switched up the line for an entire 5 minutes– something to work on. Our opponents were a little bit better, or at least had some key players that had some better skills. And they were way more aggressive. Plus most of them had broomball shoes so they were faster. All considered, we held on pretty well.

I don't think anyone on our team got too hurt, but I did take an even better spill than last time. #23 slide tackled me from behind, taking my legs completely out from under me. So I landed on my elbow, stomach and head. There was a collective "Ooooh!" when I hit the ice that I do remember. The guy was of course sorry. It rattled me and I couldn't get up right away, but I did hobble over to our bench. Half time came a few minutes later and I was recovered by the time I went back out. I do have a nice lump on my arm that is starting to turn colors already. I suppose I will be donning my old rollerblade elbow pads for the next game :)

We have a pretty good defense, but miss chances to take the ball into our zone on offense. We get a little too carried away with clearning the ball rather than trying to score. We also need to put more pressure on the other teams when they have the ball. We're in an intro league, so in theory, the other team should be just as crappy at handling the ball as we are.

Post game we went to Gordo's for some burgers and beer. Definitely a great post game strategy. Here are some horrible blurry pictures I snapped while I was on the bench. At least you can kind of get the idea of what it looks like. Our team is in black. The net is bigger than a hockey net and what would be a puck is the orange ball which is about the size of an oversized grapefruit on steroids.

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greg said...

i bet we have a better post game strategy than the other team.