Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well it is's to a great new year. I have always loved the turning of the calendar from the old year to the new. Not because of the partying (though that can be quite enjoyable as this year proved), but because of the fresh start and new beginnings. It's a clean slate to start marking up– new dreams to create and fulfill, new places to see and experience, and new accomplishments to hopefully, uh, accomplish. It's life, I suppose.

So moving on to the progress of running- I hope to see that happening in the next few weeks. I am not a fan of cold weather. Recently I've been very poo-poo about the coldness, whining about not wanting to run in the cold, dark, rain, snow, etc. But I think I'm just going to ignore it and see how that goes. Pretend there is no weather. I know people would say, well when it's 90ยบ outside this summer you'll wish it was cold! No. No I won't.

Rough plans for running this year are to:
1. Actually run regularly (imagine that!)
2, Do mid-distance races like half marathons and under. First race will probably be the Heart Mini-Marathon which is 9.3 miles. The Pig is in May and marathon buddies Paula and Daryl will be coming down for that one (I'll be doing the half). Then I'm not sure what else.
3. Fulfill the ongoing goal of becoming fast enough that Greg the Speedster can bear to run with me by springtime... when he comes out from his running hibernation hole, finds his shoes and starts to run again.

So here's to a great running year and interesting blog posts about it!


Neil said...

It is good to hear it is a long-term goal and that you weren't just running away from working on the cars on Saturday. Thanks for having us all over for that. It was really fun and Joel still talks about the dogs.

I would love to get in on some of the running action at some point (I don't really take it seriously, but I can run pretty far at a reasonable pace)...maybe once it warms up a bit, eh?

Butch said...

Well, I guess I will say, "here's luck to running in the new year". If it makes you healthy than great. If it gives you pain, find another way.

I too am a friend of warm weather and a foe of the cold. Just think, I spent 9 yrs. of my youth in the cold of Maine (up at the top of the state) and South Dakota and I use to love the winter. Age, it sets one straight.

Good luck in your marathons.