Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring-like Weather in February

Today's forecast was 60º and sunny. Tuesday and Wednesday are also supposed to be near 60º and rainy. It is such a tease.

Unfortunately I didn't get to run in this weather today. Perhaps I'll have a soggy jaunt tomorrow morning. But while I was walking into work today, I had an unexpected flashback to running in Florida.

When we moved to Tampa–for a brief 4 months–it was February. I was looking forward to avoiding the slushy winter of Cincinnati, but was surprised by some chilly mornings when we first got down there. I never had to break out the hat and gloves, but I did wear long sleeves and tights for a couple of days. However, it became "spring" in no time.

We lived on Tampa Bay, or a part of it that was channeled for homes, hotels and apartment buildings to be built along. A quarter mile from our door and you were on the actual bay. I would run along the causeway with the bay on both sides of me. It was my only option, as the other direction was the highway and airport, but I never grew tired of it. When going out from the apartment, off to the right the water started out very shallow. You could see the sand at low tide. Occasionally there would be a small chunk of land off in the distance overgrown with greenery, with many different sea birds flocking around it. I always wanted to get closer to those "islands" and see what they looked like up close. On the left the water was deeper and you could see for miles. Depending on how hazy it was, you could see another bridge in the distance.

The sun was always shining. Early in the morning it wasn't as hazy quite yet. And even at 10:00 in the morning, my fair Ohio skin could get a sun burn after a long run. There were a couple of runs that I saw dolphins. There were a couple of runs I saw slow, calm manatee in the channel along our apartment. I always got so excited and wondered when the novelty would wear off. Small lizards scampered across the paved trail along the causeway, I saw all kinds of different birds that would fly from bush to bush just in front of me, never realizing that I wasn't going to stop interrupting them. Fishermen camped out early in the mornings with their trucks parked half in the sand. A few of my runs went the entire length of the causeway and back. Flat sunny craziness with a hot breeze.

This morning as I walked through Luxottica's huge parking lot toward the building, for some reason it suddenly felt like I was in Tampa. I was startled as the running memories came flooding back so vividly. I clomped along in my uncomfortable heels wishing I was running for the next spot of shade. And then I was interrupted by the sound of Canadian geese honking. I looked up and there were 3 flocks overhead in shaky V formations. I laughed because it sure wasn't the sound of sea gulls or the bay. But I think I should try to pay more attention to what is around me here.

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Butch said...

Well if you were still in FL. you wouldn't have soggy ground, the H20 just sinks into the ground. The cold here is cold and lasts longer. When it's white here it's snow, there....sand and it gets into everything. Hot here is more comfortable aaaannnnnddddd it doesn't last as long. Not sure if that is good or bad. Lastly, you wouldn't know or have Dexter, only Harley. What a pair.