Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Track Tuesday

Roman and Erin and I made it to track tonight. It was nice to run in not crazy hot weather.

I warmed up with Roman for a mile. We swapped stories of my frustrating work day and his awful run on Saturday concluding in barfing. I've never thrown up from running. Been very dizzy and blacked out once at the end of a race, which caused ice cold water to be thrown on me. That wasn't pleasant, but I think I'd take that over getting sick. Sounds like he just had a weird combo of heat exhaustion and not the right food.

Anyway, I realized my Garmin's batteries weren't charged. Hmmm. I noticed that it wasn't on the charger completely when I grabbed it to throw in my bag. I must have not clicked it in all the way last time I connected it. I went to get my phone out of my car but realized it too was nearly out of juice, so it wouldn't probably make it many laps before dying. So, that left me without a timing device and I just ran for effort.

I ran 8 x 200, with 100 walk rests in between. I felt pretty good and pushed on the last one. My knee is still a little tweaky from testing out the soccer cleats Sunday, and my shins hurt as well. But other than that, I don't think I hurt my knee too bad Sunday. Tomorrow I'm taking my running shoes along to Ultimate in case I need to switch out from the cleats.

So that's it: 8 x 200. It felt pretty good.

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