Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ultimate Game #3

Our third game of Ultimate Frisbee didn't start out so well for me. I felt disoriented. Things started making more sense eventually. And, I think it was right after half time that I finally understood the force home or force away. I feel dumb that I can't understand this concept as many times as its been explained. I need to look it up again and translate it into my own comprehension.

I never had my hands on the disc. That was very disappointing. I think it was a combination of not being able to be open and the fact that our handlers just handled with themselves more this game. The game certainly is different when all you do is run around. We are having a practice/scrimmage on Saturday morning and I'm really looking forward to that. Perhaps I'll learn how to cut better. And, I need to have some practice with the disc or I'll never get better.

The team we played was nice, as usual. They even had a cheer for us after the game was over: "You put up a good fight. Your shirts are really bright. You'll always be safe when jogging at night." or something to that effect.

Oh this was the first game I wore cleats also. Waaaaaay better than running shoes. I could corner so much better and never lost the person I was guarding. They're uncomfortable as hell when you're used to soft cushy running shoes, but at least the games are only a couple of hours.

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