Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Foreclosure Cat Art Show

I finally got my Foreclosure Cat completed. Here's George!

The Foreclosure Cat Art Show Opening Reception is this Saturday, January 12 from 6pm - 10pm at the Loveland Artist Studios on Main (where my studio is). I would love it if people could come! They are going to have the cats that haven't been adopted yet at the show. The art is auctioned on eBay, starting on the 12th, with minimum bids starting at $100. For more information and to see all the art and artists: www.foreclosurecats.org

The art is up already and is really nice. I'm looking forward to my "first" art show!


jamie said...

How did the show go? Was George a hit?

Butch said...

Is George gone? Sorry we didn't make it but you know who got sick like you from the other you know who. Gonna call him, or them, the who's, something else and it won't be Sparky;-)