Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Indoor biking and satellite = good times

Since we have rearranged all our rooms in our house, our former bedroom has become the "rec" room of sorts- bookcases, piano, guitars, movies... and bikes. We have the wind trainer set up and a TV in the corner. Greg spliced our satellite cable so that we could hook the TV up in a newer location from where it was when it was our bedroom. So last night I got to try it out- watched a DVR recording of Mythbusters and rode away. It was awesome! I'll have to be on the lookout for good things to record now.
For the sake of having a picture, here's a CycleOps wind trainer. And by the way, wind trainer = noisy.


jamie said...

I'm glad your new room arrangement is working out so well!

Dad said...

Noisey is like the stampeeding elephants you mentioned at the gym. You'll have to bring the surround system in or get some headphones. Is there a plug in your TV for hp's?