Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter is getting old.

So far the 1/2 marathon training is going well... but it is still in its infancy stage! I've only done a handful of runs and nothing over 40 minutes. But it is getting fun the more I run. And each day of training brings us closer to spring!!! Hopefully it is a pretty day for the Pig- always more enjoyable for the runners and especially the spectators!

I am so tired of winter already- have the winter blues. Though when I think of how Jamie said its rained nearly every day since we left England, maybe I shouldn't mind that it is 11ยบ outside right now because it's sunny. I'm sick of getting shocked every time I get up off the couch or the dogs get near me. I'm tired of my super dry nose and eyes. My run from the studio last night certainly helped my cabin-fever, even though it was so cold. I think I'm just a person who must get outside. I'm like a plant. I need sunshine, be it strong or filtered through clouds!


jamie said...

I think the cold is worse than the rain. Even though it keeps raining, it's been relatively mild so it's not bitter when you're getting rain drops in your face. I think our coldest day so far topped out at 30/31.˚ When the sun actually does pop out, like today, you can pretend it's spring, albeit an early muddy spring... Hope the winter blues get better :)

Butch said...

Your so right...winter is dull. Just think, not too long ago I wanted to retire in Maine, now, somewhere south of Florida. I hate being cold and not being able to get warm quickly. Ate out yesterday and the place was cold. We left cold and it took what seemed like forever to get warm again. At least the days are getting long, sun doesn't set until after 6 or so.