Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter- Still Old. But Saw Sunshine.

This weekend has been a decent winter weekend. Saturday I ran with Erin on the bike trail. It was chilly, but since there wasn't much wind, not so bad. Today Greg and I went for a walk around Symmes Township park. They've put in some more trails since I had last been there, and I decided the park will be a great hill training place. (They also put in a dog park! Who knew!) Greg has mentioned that he'd like to do the Tri For Joe this year too, and we were talking about how much more he likes trail running than road running. So we may find ourselves there some evenings or weekends. Talking about the duathlon has made me more excited for those this year! I'm so glad I'm training again and can't wait for the fun.

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dad said...

It's getting nicer, but it is also teasing us. 50 here tomorrow, probably a little warmer down there. Rain.