Tuesday, September 1, 2009

16 Miles - My Longest Run Yet

I was going to have some illustrations to go along with this, but I'm running out of time, so I'm just dumping it all out there. 16 miles is a long way, and it's kind of funny how the time and scenery pass by.

Miles 1 - 2.... Typical run environment from my house, sun and shade and trees. It was a beautiful day with cool temperatures.

Miles 2 - 3... Past the Regal theater, behind Lifetime Fitness, a van went up on the curb at corner before I crossed street. ?!

Miles 3 - 6... Long boring sidewalk along Mason-Montgomery...saw another runner...saw a girl on a bike. Took my gel at mile 6. Thoughts were about Hurricane Ike from last year since this was the same sidewalk I was on while trying to head home in that storm.

Miles 6 - 8... Along Tylersville, then 42. There is some construction through here and a street cleaner was sucking up broken up asphalt. It stunk and was smokey and loud. I somehow pushed one of my bottles up out of my belt with my leg (I think I was hopping over stuff) and it fell out, but I heard the construction guy yelling "ma'am!!!" at me and was able to turn around and retrieve it.

Miles 8 - 10... Down a hill, up a hill...there were some more construction workers and I ran over new asphalt they had just put down. It was sticky. Then up in a neighborhood, I passed a sign for a "Roman Garage Sale". They had things out in their yard like big columns and pots with plants in them, and big pictures of different architecture in Rome. Kind of strange. Maybe they are just absolutely sick of Rome in their house and are switching cities.

Miles 10 - 13... Ate a pretzel- that doesn't work. I brought pretzels along for the salt, but I had to drink so much water with the pretzel in order to get it down it wasn't worth it. It was like trying to eat saltines. I began to get tired and slow down. Along Innovation Way I took a little break in the shade to stretch and a funeral procession passed by.

Miles 13... Very rough part here, mentally. Began thinking of chocolate milk and Chipotle but decided it was too early to begin thinking of rewards. Still had 3 miles to go.

Miles 14 - 15... Started to shuffle. Took some walk breaks.

Miles 15 - 16... Shuffle shuffle shuffle...sooo.... tired... but I finished!

Afterwards... Had a brief chat with the neighbors- "16 miles?!" "yeah, gotta go...sorry...gotta eat..." I sat down outside in the deck with the hose and watered down my legs and feet with the cold water. That felt very good. While I was doing that, my sweet husband made a tall glass of chocolate milk for me and I drank that down pretty quickly. Then I had a tall glass of iced sweet tea. I didn't want Chipotle or any other food for awhile, but ended up eating some pasta after a bit.

I'm glad that this weekend is a "low" mileage long run!

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