Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 13 - Columbus Training

Sunday - 0, much needed rest
Monday - 2.1 easy peasy miles
Tuesday - 4 miles at the track. (7 x 800s)
Wednesday - 0 rest
Thursday - 0, so tired. Fell asleep right before my run was supposed to happen.
Friday - 0 Oops. Didn't get up in time before we left for Chicago.
Saturday - walked a lot?

A trip to Chicago really ruined my training this past week/weekend. The plan is to push hard this week, as it will be my last big week before the marathon, so every bit counts.

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Butch said...

Well, today is almost over and I am several days behind your posting. You now have 15 days, well in just a couple of hours, until the Columbus trot. Hope you're ready. Hope you're healed. You'll do just fine.