Monday, February 8, 2010

1.5 Miles!

Saturday I ran 1.5 miles from my house, after the roads were cleared of snow, with no sign of IT band pain!

And, for some reason, my pace was about 30 seconds faster than my normal "easy run" pace. I certainly wasn't pushing myself on purpose - just wanted to run strong and keep the hips tight so my band wouldn't hurt. Maybe it was just a fluke of super fresh legs since I haven't been running. Or maybe it was the 20 degree weather that made me speed up. Or...maybe it's the cross-training of spinning and my rehab exercises and I'm actually getting stronger! I'm hoping it was the last reason and I continue to see speedier times when I start running regularly again.

Anyway, I rolled on the foam roller before I headed out, spending more time over the parts that hurt, as one of the speakers from Thursday night's triathlon kickoff suggested to me. And speaking of that, I will have a synopsis of how that all went soon. There was a lot of good information that evening!

So I think tomorrow I will try for the 1.5 again after some continued extensive stretching and massaging.

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Casey said...

Don't forget your snow shoes!

kick ass!