Thursday, February 4, 2010

Triathlon Season Kickoff

Tonight I am going to a triathlon season kickoff meeting at Cycle Sport & Tri here in Loveland. They used to just be Cycle Sport, but it looks like they are starting to branch to become a triathlon hub too, which would be awesome! I saw in the Fleet Feet e-newsletter I get that there was a free meeting tonight with speakers covering some different topics about triathlon. I really would like to do a triathlon some time. I feel like this year will be either running focused (i.e. another fall marathon) or triathlon focused, which sounds so fun. This is all assuming I can run again :(

Here are the topics covered:

I'm really excited!


Butch said...

Take a note pad and tell Uncle Bob hi:}-

KimZepp said...

Sounds like a great meeting. Have fun!