Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Riding Again

I've been getting back out on the bike, which is great. Last week I rode Monday night with Rich and Glen (briefly) at the shop. Glen left us to take a speedy solo ride. Thursday I snuck away from work and got a 17 mile ride in with my friend Richard who was in town for a couple days and is getting into biking. I didn't go over the weekend at all, but did another shop ride last night with Rich. We went slowly, which was great. 34.6 miles total. No knee pain. Sore neck and back, but that's just me getting used to the position again.

Now for the biking to help the running.

Tonight is track. Not sure what I'll do - maybe 5 x 800. We've decided to venture back to Mason and avoid the track traffic at Sycamore for now :)

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