Thursday, July 30, 2009

Strange Run and Wet Biking

Yesterday I had a pretty crummy day and decided I had to get a run in even though what I really wanted to do was crawl under the sheets and go to bed. I figured I'd feel even worse if I didn't run.

So I started out, fully expecting it to suck (because my mind was well along that path of negativity) but somehow it didn't. Even after doing a run in the heat the day before that wiped me out and having a very stressful day, my body was happy to get out and move. I felt great! I did the fastest pace I have done in a long time, though the run was only 2.4 miles, and if felt really smooth. I didn't feel like it was my body. Multiple times when I was running, I forgot I was running and breathing and was surprised to find myself chugging along at what felt like a good clip. I felt really tall almost like I was a balloon floating along behind myself. Sounds crazy, it was very surreal. I can only hope for feeling like that the next time I have a race that I want a good time in. There is no better way to describe it except that it felt effortless.

Tonight Greg and I went on a bike ride. It had rained most of the afternoon, but cleared up long enough for us to fit an easy 15 miles in on the very humid, wet trail. We both had mud stripes up our backs from the tires. Greg's mud somehow disappeared when we got back. But mine didn't...

Looks like... uh...

That is the wettest I've ever ridden my road bike. Skinny little tires...that almost ran over a squirrel! It crossed the road with not enough urgency. My reaction was interesting- I thought for sure I was going to squash it and I jerked backwards while simultaneously keeping a death grip on my handlebars. It was like my mind and body fought against each other - not sure which one was controlling which part of me. I stayed up, thankfully, and felt a twinge in my shoulders because I jerked back so hard. It was funny. We also saw a deer and two fawns with spots. The day I hit a deer on the trail will be something to write about. I wonder if that has ever happened. Anyway, I have no idea what our speed was because I forgot a watch and my cyclometer is off ever since the battery was changed (need to get that fixed!). We picked the pace up a little bit on the way back, which felt nice.

Dirty bike on top of the car.

Saturday is the Lady's Distance Classic 10K that I am running with Krista! She currently has a sore ankle, so hopefully by then it is better and we have an enjoyable run. It's a very well organized event, and I'm looking forward to it. Prior to it I will be warming up for 2 - 3 miles and afterwords cooling down 3 - 4 miles so that I can get 12 in :) I'm starting to get very excited for Columbus. I can't wait to see how these next few weeks go training-wise.

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jamie said...

Like the pictures--of course no surprise there :) You probably see a lot in your running/biking. Keep up the good work--impressive as always!